Emergency FoodsEmergency Foods Best survival foods digest easily and it is enough nutrition to keep a person in good health. Children, seniors and people different ages can add all of this meal with apprehension. Not enough people know until this meal played with by defense personnel nicely outdoor enthusiasts take packed food items when going out on outings. Families can stock this meal at home and consume it whenever required. Emergency Foods Book number three comes between a different religious tradition-the Amish. Amish Friends Cookbook by Wanda Orite. Brunstetter includes hearty main dishes and desserts from generations of Amish farm wives. My copy was purchased in a very Bob Evans restaurant in Indiana. Also from a very similar group, the Mennonites, comes Cooking for Crowds, published by Melvin and Miriam Heatwole and printed by CMCO Publications (Box 271, Barwick, ON POW 1A0, Ontario.) This little book has recipes from church kitchens that serve from 30 to 100 people. It takes even a comprehensive plan for their wedding reception for a person hundred. Emergency Foods Once again although larger animals will be prevalent it is not likely you can be going to bag one without the proper weapon. Extremely difficult to kill the following mammals without some connected with gun. Dont for one moment determine you will use a spear or other primitive weapon to get an animal for dinner. It only happens in Rambo films. I know would it is just recommend a person can waste your time and effort trying.